about me

Starting in January 2013 I’m planning on traveling with 2 friends until I run out of money, which sounds to me like a very practical and responsible way to live life.  Officially, I’m a 26 year old full time bookkeeper, bartender, waitress, and writer (I use this last term loosely).  Unofficially I’m a professional partyer, food enthusiast and writer (I use this last term loosely).

Ironically, I had flight privileges from my dad throughout my childhood yet never left the country until I was 20 and went to Cancun for Spring Break (whooooooo! SPRING BREAK!!!) and more importantly took a trip in 2008 with 3 of my sorority sisters through Paris and Spain.  Since then I’ve been somewhat addicted to travel and made it a point to leave the country at least once a year although a week and a half isn’t nearly enough time to get to know a place well, or even relax at all.  The one relaxing place I went was St. Croix and I literally almost got kidnapped (unfortunately my 10 page story about that is on a crashed computer that I haven’t been able to restore….tech help anyone?)

Long story short, I have no idea what I hope to gain by traveling, other than it’s something I feel I need to do before I get too old and it’s inappropriate for me to be stumbling my way through Thailand having a “Hangover” experience or partying for Carnival in Rio.  At 27 (the age I will be at departure) I might already be too old, but  on the other hand I’m Asian so good luck to anyone trying to guess my age, bitches.   Plus I don’t want to be that old lady sitting in a nursing home wishing I had done things.  What I’m hoping to do is travel as though I live in the city.  Not meaning I’m looking for some cliched “authentic” experience, but I want to travel and keep my lifestyle of living cheaply while simultaneously going out every night, meeting awesome people, and experiencing clubs and bars and restaurants.   The point of this blog is to keep a journal of my travels, and if for any unfortunate reason it entertains you, then so be it.

And if you tell me I’m going to “eat, pray, love,” I will kill you.  Toodles!

sleep. eat. party. repeat.

i have an obsession with languages but only speak english

i’m currently pretending to learn mandarin and french and about 10 other languages

ridiculously high heels are the hardest thing for me not to pack on this trip

pickle backs ruin my life

Countries visited: 9/196
Canada, Dominican Republic, France, Germany, Japan, Mexico, the Netherlands, Spain, United States

Cities … Cities/Islands … NOT Countries visited:
(not including continental US) Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Cancun (whoo spring break!), Dusseldorf, Ibiza, Kyoto, Madrid,  Montreal, Osaka, Pamplona, Paris, Punta Cana, St. Croix, Tokyo, Toulouse


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