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Adventures in Aguardiente: No Me Molestes at El Totumo Mud Volcano

In trying to teach my sister self sufficiency in traveling, I had her practice by getting up at 7am to book us a day trip to Volcán de Lodo el Totuomo AKA the Mud Volcano of Cartagena, while I stayed in bed and slept.  Her mission was a success, and by 10:30am we were in […]

Backpackers of Cartagena

Waking up with a massive hangover and minimal sleep under my belt, I was still super excited that MuiMui would be arriving in the afternoon.  As part of my older sister duties, my parents had instructed me to pick up the little one at the airport and get her safely to the hostel.  Did I […]

Bye Bye Brazil

For our last 2 days in Bahia (and Brazil, and South America), the three of us moved to another hotel closer to the water to check out these legendary Bahia beaches and gorgeous blue waters.  Unfortunately, we either picked the wrong beach or just didn’t do the right kind of research and were massively disappointed […]

International Drunks in Bahia

After that wonderfully safe night exemplifying the side of Bahia we were hoping not to see, we were inclined towards sitting pretty in the hostel until we departed the next afternoon.  With one day left to kill, I decided to enjoy it by napping in the hammock in the courtyard.  Sometime late in the evening I […]

That time we almost got mugged in Pelourinho

Since we were strongly advised by pretty much everyone NOT to go out at night, we figured when in Salvador we’d head out early to check out the sights – aka the giant elevator you have to take to get to the market because if you walk through the neighborhood you will get robbed.  or […]

Struggling Through Beautiful Bahia

My first impression of Bahia came through one of my Brazilian coworkers. When I told him I was going to Brazil he insisted that I go to Bahia after Carnival for the beaches. Then I read a Bourdain book where he detailed going to Bahia with the guys from Sushi Samaba and really enjoying the […]

Final Thoughts on Rio

I’ve been keeping a personal journal separate from my blog, which tends to be more abstract,  grammatically incorrect, lacking in fact checking….and illegible if I’m writing while drunk.  Here’s what deliriously tired me had to say about Rio en route from Rio to Brazil… I do have to say while I absolutely loved Rio, I […]

Carnival Aftermath

The day after Carnival ended the city was drastically different.  I no longer heard the alluring sounds of drums pounding through my windows every night.  There was as absence of Antarctica beers on every corner, and accordingly a refreshing lack of vomit and piss coating the streets.  And while those things were great, the best […]

Christ the Redeemer and The Rio Music Festival

Because what happens when you travel with a group of Type A organized individuals is when things get planned they get planned bright and early.  So, once again, we met our tour bus at 8 and headed over to Corcovado, or Cristo Redentor or Christ the Redeemer. You know that big famous thing in Brazil […]

Lapa and Copacabana Beach at Night

Because I’m such a professional puker (2nd time in Rio in 4 days – champ right here) I had zero hangover the next morning. Unfortunately I couldn’t exactly say the same for all my companions. When we finally mobilized as a group late in the afternoon we thought it would be a nice trip to […]