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Sydney Wrap Up

The day after hiking the Blue Mountains it was back to Sydney for one last full day of civilization before heading to India.  Accordingly, it was back on the food grind because who knew what I would actually be able to eat in India.  I was told just cooked vegetables.  Ick.  I insisted upon Din […]

Stairmaster of the Blue Mountains

After consecutive days of eating like the fat American that I am, we were off to the Blue Mountains for some nature and much needed exercise.  Much, much needed exercise.  A few hour train ride later we arrived in Katoomba ready for a hike. Even though  I had recently completed the Tongariro Crossing in NZ, […]

Flashpacking in Sydney (and more Food Porn)

Due to the fact that when I told people I was leaving I got several monetary gifts from family and friends and awesome tips from customers I’d like to show that your money went to productive things so I’m dubbing some of you sponsors for excursions I may not have otherwise been able to afford. […]

St. Patrick’s Day in Sydney and Food Porn at the Fish Market

The next day it was rise and shine in time to see the morning dew – and by morning dew I mean dew of the Tullamore sort.  It was St. Patrick’s Day after all. It should also be noted that I have 3 favorite things in the world.  They are: drinking (of course), eating and […]

Kineza in Sydney

I went to Australia for a week.  I know what you’re thinking.  A week?  That’s bullshit – the country is huge and that doesn’t do it any justice.  No shit.  However, Australia is rather large and expensive, so if I really wanted to give the country its due diligence (hate that phrase), I would need […]

Shit I Need to Do: Australia

1. Sydney Opera House…duh 2.  see a kangaroo and a koala 3.  walk across Harbor Bridge 4. go to Bondi Beach and hope to see hot surfers 5. visit the Sydney fish market 6.  drink a Fosters.  just kidding.