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Shit I Need to Do: Milan

1. stock up on Kiko products 2. visit Brea 3. eat risotto Milanese 4. visit the Duomo 5. go to Galleria Vittorio Emanuele  and don’t buy anything

Best and Worsts of 2013

I would never say that my life is anything remotely resembling normal, so the fact that I consider 2013 to be my craziest year yet, speaks to the ridiculousness that I experienced in the past 365 days.  I got to see some of the world, do crazy shit I never thought I would do or […]

Shit I Need to Do: Cambodia

1. visit Angkor Wat 2. get to the beach in Sihanoukville 3. visit the tree temple and take a Tomb Raider picture 4.  try K’dam (crab) in Kampot 5. visit a shooting range

Shit I Need to Do: Laos

1. go tubing in Vang Vieng 2.  eat laap (minced meat with herbs, spices, lime juice and chili) 3.  hook up with someone Laotian – just because it’s illegal…no seriously, its illegal and you can be jailed and/or fined.  lovely. 4.  try Laotian coffee 5. visit Wat Si Saket 6. go on a trek if […]

Shit I Need to Do: Thailand

1. Full Moon Festival in Ko Pha Ngan 2. visit Jake in Phuket 3. Songkran in Chiang Mai 4.  Dark Moon Festival in Ko Pha Ngan 5. have a “hangover” experience in Bangkok 6. visit the Sukhothai ruins 7.  convince Mark a lady boy is actually a girl 8. get a Thai massage 9.  eat […]

Shit I Need to Do: India

1.  get covered in colored powder for Holi 2.  take a cheesy picture with the Taj Mahal 3.  eat chicken Vindaloo 4. see the Golden Temple 5. don’t get food poisoning  

Shit I Need to Do: Australia

1. Sydney Opera House…duh 2.  see a kangaroo and a koala 3.  walk across Harbor Bridge 4. go to Bondi Beach and hope to see hot surfers 5. visit the Sydney fish market 6.  drink a Fosters.  just kidding.

Shit I Need to Do: New Zealand

1. Polyfest March 13 – 16 2. eat New Zealand mussels 3. drink Sauvignon Blanc 4. eat a kiwi (not in that way you pervert) 5. visit Hobbit town 6. lambchops 7. watch a rugby match

Shit I Need to Do: Tahiti

1.  fucking relax 2. tan topless 3.  jetski 4. traditional island feast 5. take a picture of the over water huts (because I’m too poor to actually stay there) 6.  catch up on my blogging

Shit I Need to Do: Brazil

1. drink a caipirinha 2. buy a Brazilian Bikini 3.  party for Carnival 4.  see Christ the Redeemer 5.  see Iguacu Falls 6. eat at a churrascaria 7. drink fresh acai berry juice that doesn’t come from some ridiculous US health store 8.  eat pasteis 9. don’t get attacked by a shark …and everything this […]