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Surviving a Whole Lot of Things You Probably Should’t Do While Traveling (On My Way To Ljubljana)

After two days on the tourist packed streets of Venice, I was more than ready to head east to Ljubljana and see a different side of Europe.  Even prior to removing my wallet from the equation, the cheapest transport I could find was through blablacar, a ride share website that’s sort of like couchsurfing with […]

Tourist vs Non-Tourist Day in Venice (Photo Heavy)

According to the Italian I had met on the bus, Venice is one of the worst cities it Italy to be a local, and I think I can understand why.  It would be like living in New York, if the entirety of the city was Time Square on New Years Eve.  Sure you can find a quiet alley, but […]

Getting Lost in Venice

People always speak of the romance associated with Venice.  Riding gondolas through the canals, strolling through a beautiful historic city, dining on fine Italian food.  What isn’t as commonly mentioned is the ease with which one can get Oceanic Flight 815 levels of lost trying to navigate the canals.  This would be the time I […]

Aperitivo: A Good Reason to Never Leave Milan

After arriving in Milan in the afternoon and spending basically the entire day sleeping off a cold, I figured getting up early for my first and last full day in the city wouldn’t be the worst idea.  Uncharacteristically I headed out at 9:30 in the morning at went straight for the city’s biggest tourist attraction […]

Here I Go Again On My Own

I promise to write at least once a week. I promise to write at least once a week. I promise to write at least once a week. Hopefully if I keep repeating that in my head I’ll annoy myself into remembering to update my blog consistently.  Although pestering me to do something doesn’t seem to work all that well […]

Shit I Need to Do: Milan

1. stock up on Kiko products 2. visit Brea 3. eat risotto Milanese 4. visit the Duomo 5. go to Galleria Vittorio Emanuele  and don’t buy anything

Visiting the Albanian Riviera (and eating everything)

After a fun, but not so relaxing couple of days on Corfu and Erikoussa, Handsome and I decided take a last minute ferry over to Albania in hopes of a) spending less money, b) being somewhere less touristy, and c) finishing my quota of visiting three new countries every year.   Before arriving, this is what I knew about […]

Mamma Mia! A Lyrical Retelling of a Greek Wedding

In honor of one of my favorite couples, and my sole friend with the ability to break into opera at any given moment, I’m dedicating this blog in musical form to B-side.  Love you guys and so glad I was able to make it to your beautiful wedding!   (to the tune of Mamma Mia […]

What the Hell I’ve Been Doing for the Past 2 Months

Time is indecipherable.  I don’t know the hour, day or date, and have no idea where I am other than somewhere in Greece  A few faint moonbeams slip in through a tiny window.  Below me the ground is swaying. Heavy chains clank loudly above my head.  I rush out of my room, and the chill […]

Learning about Danish Culture from Drunk People (aka Danish people)

Heading out in the early evening for some cocktails, Handsome and I were going to meet a future coworker of mine – the future being dependent on whether or not I passed my training I was heading to on Saturday.  Unfortunately being guided by a time efficient Dane, we arrived early for the first time […]