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Crossing the Andes: A M***** F******Scary Experience

Overall I’d have to say that while I enjoyed Santiago it was a long shot from contending for my favorite city.  I unfortunately have the attention span of a goldfish and the “impress me” threshold of a typical obnoxious New Yorker so I was kind of excited to leave Chile simply for the sake of […]

Strolling up San Cristobal in Santiago

In attempting to keep up with my “Shit I Need to Do” list the next morning we decided to head up San Cristobal, the second highest point in Santiago.  Still not much for preemptive research, we took a cab to the base of the “hill” and just started walking upwards.  Maybe 50 feet later we […]

Gluttony in Santiago

After the debacle of trying to navigate Sao Paulo without internet, we sort of wised up (Janet Weiss) and printed out our apartment address in Santiago to avoid hassle. Unfortunately, at a second glance we realized the email from the host contained 2 separate addresses one of which was an abandoned theater and the […]

Shit I Need to Do: Chile

1.  drink Pisco (get Aracely and Mark mango sours) 2. vista La Vega market 3. eat at Boulevard Lavaud 4.  hike up San Cristobal and check out the Japanese gardens 5.  try paila marina 6. eat Chilean Sea Bass.  duh.