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Postpartum Depression (How It Feels to Be Home After Traveling)

As the ever so quotable Momma Chu reminded me a few weeks ago, I had been away for nearly nine months, and in nine months I could’ve given birth to a child.  She hoped in these last nine months I had birthed some new ideas about the world.  Momma Chu is quite poetic when she’s […]

Couchsurfing is Murder

Try couch surfing they said.  It will be fun they said… Since my first experience with couch surfing I haven’t really been active on the site, although I do still occasionally say hi to John, who somehow didn’t run for the hills after that fiasco of a first encounter.  In addition to not being good at making […]

Notice to Family and Friends: My Life in Review

Dear Friends and Family, Over the course of my life I have slowly and arbitrarily assigned the age of 27 to be a monumental year for myself.  Subconsciously, I think I picked the age of 27 because my friend back in 7th grade got me obsessed with Weird Al and as any Weird Al fan […]