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Backpackers of Cartagena

Waking up with a massive hangover and minimal sleep under my belt, I was still super excited that MuiMui would be arriving in the afternoon.  As part of my older sister duties, my parents had instructed me to pick up the little one at the airport and get her safely to the hostel.  Did I […]

Adventures in Aguardiente: How to Make Friends When Traveling Alone

Whenever I plan my travels, for some reason South and Central America always seem to elude my thoughts. Maybe it’s because they’re so close to the good ol’ U.S of A, that I have a tendency to neglect them since I feel like I can go anytime.  On the other hand, because they’re so much closer than the […]

Hitting a Dead End in Goa

After a creepy day at the beach, and a delicious lunch, the plan was to check out the fort for sunset and then a club that did a Sunday trance party. While I’m not much of one for sunsets, and I generally do everything in my power to avoid going to sunsets with Mark and […]

Airport Nightmares: Bangalore Belly

After taking the train from Mysore back to Bangalore before heading up to Delhi, Aracely and I found it prudent to kill most of a bottle of Tullamore Dew between the two of us in the hotel room while Mark slept. The next morning waking up bright and early for our flight we felt fucking […]

International Drunks in Bahia

After that wonderfully safe night exemplifying the side of Bahia we were hoping not to see, we were inclined towards sitting pretty in the hostel until we departed the next afternoon.  With one day left to kill, I decided to enjoy it by napping in the hammock in the courtyard.  Sometime late in the evening I […]