Sullivan’s List

Roy Sullivan was a park ranger in Shenandoah National Park in Virginia who was struck by lightning 7 times during his years on duty  (think of the dude in the nursing home in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button).  After each strike he would talk about making a list of the things he would like to do before he died, which I personally find kind of ironic since this guy seems nearly invincible – except for the part where he shot himself over unrequited love.  Anywho, he never ended up making his list and in his honor many people have made their own “Sullivan’s Lists” or “Bucket Lists” to record their goals before they get zapped by lightning.

Et voila!

1.  Full Moon Festival in Thailand

2. Carnival in Rio

3. Base camp at Everest

4. Speak 5 languages conversationally

5. Visit Petra

6.  Climb Machu Picchu

7. Learn to swim. Followed by learn to surf.

8.  Visit Egypt, see the Sphynx and the pyramids

9.  Party in Mykonos

10.  See the Great Wall of China

11. Bungee jump at Macau Tower

12. Complete a Triathlon

13.  Blue Lagoon in Iceland

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