Sydney Wrap Up

The day after hiking the Blue Mountains it was back to Sydney for one last full day of civilization before heading to India.  Accordingly, it was back on the food grind because who knew what I would actually be able to eat in India.  I was told just cooked vegetables.  Ick.  I insisted upon Din Tai Fung for lunch, a Hong Kong institution known internationally for “the world’s best dumpling.”  I also got beef noodle soup, which if you’re in my family was “NOT THE SAME!”  And also ridiculously expensive for beef noodle soup.  But the xiao long bao hit the spot.

Australia 169 Australia 170

After lunch I decided to take a long walk through Sydney to explore, because you know, I hadn’t walked enough the day before.

Australia 176

Australia 182

Australia 180

While we only spent a week in Sydney, being there was sort of like getting drunk at a bar and getting to know someone really quickly over drinks.  I feel like I got a good sense of its character and saw something I really liked in the city.  It was the first “real” city we had been to – by which I mean it has a Chinatown.  Actually via Sydney I learned that I don’t think I could ever live in a city that didn’t have a Chinatown.  But really what I mean is that it was diverse in the same way that New York is, where people off all different ethnic backgrounds could be Australian just as my rainbow of friends are genuinely American – except my illegal immigrant friends.  You guys should go back to (insert country here) and stop stealing American jobs.  But seriously, I always say I have yet to find a city I could ever love as much as New York, but Sydney is by far the closest thing.  And being able to eat amazing food there doesn’t hurt either.

Australia 181
NY or Sydney?
Australia 185
Last meal of Pho and spring rolls before India

3 thoughts on “Sydney Wrap Up

  1. Oh man, Syndey looks great. Glad to hear you’d enjoyed it. I’m looking forward to the posts on India. I think I could travel to a lot of places in the world….except India. Seems a little too intense for my tastes.

    1. It is great, and I’m sure you’ll be there soon enough. I’m looking forward to posting about India…maybe my blogs will sway you towards at least giving it a try though!

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