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Laos Homestay and Visiting an Akha Village (and an Introduction to Southeast Asian Toilets)

You’re in Thailand at a border town spending the night before crossing into Laos.  You get to the bar, you have a nice dinner, and you’re drinking large Chang beers to soothe your tongue after eating fiery Thai curries.  You’re already tipsy but wait as long as possible to break the seal, then head down […]

Best Temple Ever: The White Temple of Chiang Rai

After celebrating my last day of Songkran by getting blackout drunk, breaking my friend’s nose, almost breaking my toe and getting locked into a building from the outside – I think I had done enough damage in Chiang Mai to be ready to leave the country.  Our new group of Strays hopped into the van, […]

Monkey Boners in Mae Rim* and Songkran in Chiang Mai

*also the title of my next porn release Songkran:  sǒŋ.krāːn Thai New Year celebration that marks the end of the dry season in April.  The three day festival is celebrated by throwing shit tons of water at everyone anywhere on the street regardless of age, gender, clothing or any other possible discriminating factor except pregnancy and […]

Sitting Bitch Seat: Getting Lost with Strangers in Chiang Mai

After a night of drinking with an Irishman, a couple of Bostonians and a Belgian, needless to say I was quite hungover in the morning. One of the Bostonian had scrawled his email address across the copy of my passport I was supposed to be carrying around as a legit form of identification.  Oops.  I […]

Muay Thai in Chiang Mai with the Worst Tour Guide Ever

Following a hectic night on the train thanks to the Worst Tour Guide Ever, I was more than ready to get off the train and start exploring Chiang Mai which I had read tons of wonderful things about.  After spending the bulk of the day in the hotel enjoying functional ensuite wifi, we reconvened with […]

That Time I Slept With A Stranger On the Train

Seeing as I had come home approximately 2 hours before I had to be on Khao San Road to start the bus journey through Southeast Asia I was none too awake when we got to the Stray office. There were two other guys plus a tour guide that would be with us heading to Ayutthaya, […]

“And Now I Can Cross Off Dance with a Ladyboy and a Prostitute at the Same Time Off My Bucket List”

Bright and early we headed over to the Stray office to book a bus tour through Thailand, Laos and Cambodia.  Sick of organizing shit for myself after 2 months of traveling I figured booking  a “tour” would be a good way to take the weight off my shoulders and meet some new people.  After setting […]

Drink, Eat, Shop in Bangkok

After a night out on the town coming off a night of no sleep, I was ready to sleep in the next day but if there’s one thing I learned from traveling in Buenos Aires and not experiencing any of the nightlife and not even seeing Evita’s grave, it’s that sleeping in is a damn […]

Staying with the Working Girls and Lady Boys in Bangkok

Thailand is one of those places it seems every backpacker has visited and has a story about.  Movies like The Beach  and The Hangover II just scream “Visit me and escape the monotony of your boring ass Western life.  Come here and revel in my beautiful beaches, lax laws, cheap fun and loose morality.” Accordingly, Thailand was one […]

Shit I Need to Do: Thailand

1. Full Moon Festival in Ko Pha Ngan 2. visit Jake in Phuket 3. Songkran in Chiang Mai 4.  Dark Moon Festival in Ko Pha Ngan 5. have a “hangover” experience in Bangkok 6. visit the Sukhothai ruins 7.  convince Mark a lady boy is actually a girl 8. get a Thai massage 9.  eat […]