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Flashpacking in Sydney (and more Food Porn)

Due to the fact that when I told people I was leaving I got several monetary gifts from family and friends and awesome tips from customers I’d like to show that your money went to productive things so I’m dubbing some of you sponsors for excursions I may not have otherwise been able to afford. […]

Gluttony in Santiago

After the debacle of trying to navigate Sao Paulo without internet, we sort of wised up (Janet Weiss) and printed out our apartment address in Santiago to avoid hassle. Unfortunately, at a second glance we realized the email from the host contained 2 separate addresses one of which was an abandoned theater and the […]

Last Suppers

As I was driving today from Job 1 to Job 2, stuck in my usual traffic,  I realized something.  A month from now I will probably still be stuck in traffic, except instead of it being from Astoria to Great Neck, I will be stuck in traffic getting from the Argentinan to the Brazilian side […]

A Few Minutes in Dumbo

Yesterday, a trip to Brooklyn to find the DUMBO Arts Festival helped me realize exactly how useless I really am without my iPhone.  Long story short my phone started dying in the 2 hours it took us to get from 190th Street in Manhattan to DUMBO (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass). Following that brief commute, […]

Weekly Inspiration Vol. 7: Amsterdam

Amazing Restaurant in Amsterdam -lucked out and got a prix fixe for restaurant week.  Deliciousness Who knew Amsterdam had awesome BBQ Sensation -the original Amsterdam Dance Event -which I literally missed by a day Party Earth Guide to Amsterdam -infinitely useful when you’re there on a Monday and Tuesday night

Weekly Inspiration Vol. 6: Germany

In honor of the Huffington Post’s article on Berlin, “Is this the World’s Rudest City?”* …Germany My Blog on Dusseldorf Oktoberfest Party Earth Nightlife Guide to Berlin & Munich -sorry, only German song I could think of off hand *In my experience Berlin wasn’t the rudest city I’ve been to, I’d say Paris would’ve been […]

Feast of San Gennaro

The other night I was supposed to be meeting a friend at a Japanese fashion showcase in the Lower East Side for Fashion Week when I passed Mulberry street and suddenly I saw red, white and green lights and smelled the delicious aroma of sizzling meat and fried foods. I looked to my right and […]

Coney island

The last time I went to Coney Island was c. June 2004 after the Stuyvesant HS Prom.  (Please note I wasn’t smart enough to actually go to Stuyvesant, but I’m pleasant enough to be invited as a date)  After the after-party at 4 or 5 in the morning, someone got the bright idea of grabbing […]

Weekly Inspiration Vol. 5: Brazil

Hotness Overload *gifs of hot Brazilian dudes with no shirts on “THIS IS NOW” Instagram Feed for Sao Paulo *instant update of instagram photos tagged for Sao Paulo …and the biggest ass in Brazil the “Watermelon Woman“

Le Dîner en Blanc

After getting shafted the year before from Le Dîner en Blanc, aka I paid and then received an email basically saying “ooops, just kidding, we overbooked and you’re not invited” I was put on the priority list this year for the event. However the spot wasn’t guaranteed – you just had to get your ass […]