A Few Minutes in Dumbo

Yesterday, a trip to Brooklyn to find the DUMBO Arts Festival helped me realize exactly how useless I really am without my iPhone.  Long story short my phone started dying in the 2 hours it took us to get from 190th Street in Manhattan to DUMBO (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass).

Following that brief commute, we eventually found the festival…sort of.  Apparently there were some outdoor exhibits, performance arts, lights, sculpture, photography – but there were also a number of indoor galleries which I was totally unable to locate without a map.  I am also horrible at reading maps even if we had found one, and without google walking maps I probably wouldn’t have found the galleries anyway.  On the other hand I did get to eat some delicious candy, and see a few cool photo exhibits in storage units and check out the park on the river.  So not a total fail.  Just mostly.


Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridge20121001-141916.jpg

Metal sculpture floating under the Manhttan Bridge20121001-141934.jpg

If you ever want a walking tour of the Brooklyn Bridge ask me to introduce to you my friend Freedom and his “Best Walking Tours for Dates”20121001-141947.jpg

Restored Carousel20121001-142003.jpg



PS everything you’ve ever heard about a hipster is exhibited in DUMBO, particularly at an art fair.  

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