Shit I Need to Do: Chile

1.  drink Pisco (get Aracely and Mark mango sours)

2. vista La Vega market

3. eat at Boulevard Lavaud

4.  hike up San Cristobal and check out the Japanese gardens

5.  try paila marina

6. eat Chilean Sea Bass.  duh.




  1. […] The next morning bright and early, on still less than 3 hours of sleep we headed over to take a bike tour of Santiago. Martin, our tour guide was adorable and gave us a great tour of the city including Bellavista (the bohemian area) Pablo Narutos house dedicated to his lover (“you see the image of the woman with the hair sticking up. That is because the hair gets messed up after having lots of sex”) some historical buildings and Mercado Central and La Vega Market both of which are on my list of shit I needed to see in Chile. […]

  2. […] attempting to keep up with my “Shit I Need to Do” list the next morning we decided to head up San Cristobal, the second highest point in […]

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