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Getting Ready to Rickshaw Run

When I first started traveling I remember reading about a phenomenon known as “The Mongol Rally”  – which basically consists of driving a piece of shit car from England to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.  While it sounded like a fun way to explore Eurasia, this was well before I had ever traveled for more than two weeks […]

Greetings & Feedings in Puerto Rico

After starting 2017 with two amazing charters that involved things like stage diving, midnight missions to kidnap other guests, and drunkenly eating chicken wings with your toes – Captain Cowboy and I were ready for a little down time detox on our month off. Instead, we had a rotating cast of drunken friends coming for […]

Beef Noodle Soup & A Day In Taipei

BEEF NOODLE SOUP. Three illustrious words that inspire hunger and drooling amongst the Chu clan – and a dish that triggers one of my earliest childhood memories. Every weekend when I was around four or five years old, my family would go for breakfast at the same hole in the wall restaurant in Flushing, where […]

Adventures in Aguardiente: Culture and Cocaine

After a night of too much Aguardiente (DAMN YOU GUARO!) I felt it was necessary to restore balance to my life and engage in cultural activities to ensure my trip didn’t go by in a licorice flavored blur.  Since the tour had given me a general idea of what was in the city, I figured […]

Tourist vs Non-Tourist Day in Venice (Photo Heavy)

According to the Italian I had met on the bus, Venice is one of the worst cities it Italy to be a local, and I think I can understand why.  It would be like living in New York, if the entirety of the city was Time Square on New Years Eve.  Sure you can find a quiet alley, but […]

Here I Go Again On My Own

I promise to write at least once a week. I promise to write at least once a week. I promise to write at least once a week. Hopefully if I keep repeating that in my head I’ll annoy myself into remembering to update my blog consistently.  Although pestering me to do something doesn’t seem to work all that well […]

Trip Expenses

My trip expenses to the best of my ability. ✈ JFK, New York ✈ Santiago, Chile: $659.70 (also includes a nice little 14 hour layover in Sao Paulo)  Apartment in Santiago: $61.66 (3 nights, 2 bedroom apartment) Train from Santiago -> Rio: 774.78 (includes a bike tour of Santiago, an 8hour bike ride beer/wine tasting in […]

Weekly Inspiration Vol. 7: Amsterdam

Amazing Restaurant in Amsterdam -lucked out and got a prix fixe for restaurant week.  Deliciousness Who knew Amsterdam had awesome BBQ Sensation -the original Amsterdam Dance Event -which I literally missed by a day Party Earth Guide to Amsterdam -infinitely useful when you’re there on a Monday and Tuesday night

Weekly Inspiration Vol. 6: Germany

In honor of the Huffington Post’s article on Berlin, “Is this the World’s Rudest City?”* …Germany My Blog on Dusseldorf Oktoberfest Party Earth Nightlife Guide to Berlin & Munich -sorry, only German song I could think of off hand *In my experience Berlin wasn’t the rudest city I’ve been to, I’d say Paris would’ve been […]

Weekly Inspiration Vol. 5: Brazil

Hotness Overload *gifs of hot Brazilian dudes with no shirts on “THIS IS NOW” Instagram Feed for Sao Paulo *instant update of instagram photos tagged for Sao Paulo …and the biggest ass in Brazil the “Watermelon Woman“