Trip Expenses

My trip expenses to the best of my ability.

  • ✈ JFK, New York ✈ Santiago, Chile: $659.70
    (also includes a nice little 14 hour layover in Sao Paulo) 
  • Apartment in Santiago: $61.66
    (3 nights, 2 bedroom apartment)
  • Train from Santiago -> Rio: 774.78
    (includes a bike tour of Santiago, an 8hour bike ride beer/wine tasting in Mendoza, a stop in Cordoba, a Tango show in Buenos Aires, a stop at Iguazu falls on both the Argentinian and Brazilian sides and a favela tour in Rio) 
  • Hostel in Mendoza: $45.57
    (2 nights, 1 private ensuite for 2 and 1 bed in a 4 person mixed dorm) 
  • Hostel in Cordoba: $21.36
    (1 night private 4 person suite + hostelworld membership $10)

  • Hostel in Argentina: $53
    (3 nights, private ensuite)
  • Hostel in Puerto Iguazu: $15.77
    (1 night 3 person private ensuite)
  • Hostel in Foz do Iguacu: $18.17
    (1 night, 3 person private ensuite)
  • Apartment in Brazil: $2266.20
  • (note that because 5 people have cancelled, and we’ve only found one replacement thus far, I am eating 4 spots in the apartment right now, I should be paying $755 for 9 nights…on a related note, if you’re interested in joining 6 awesome people for a far from relaxing but destined to be memorable – to say the least – trip to Brazil feel free to message me!)
    -found three more!  Thank you Ryan, Lianne and Gian!
  • Tickets to the Sambadrome: $144
    Grandstand seating via and thank you Cyber Monday for 15% off

  • ✈ Sao Paulo ✈Los Angeles $546.66
  • ✈ Los Angeles ✈Tahiti (+ hotel in Tahiti) ✈Auckland: $1605
    (The price includes a flight from LAX to Faa’a, boat to Moorea, 5 nights in Moorea, boat back to Faa’a and a flight to Auckland)

Total Spent as of 12/8/12: $6211.87

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