It’s Official!

Since January after bombing a job interview for a flight attendant (my failed cost effective plan to see the world) I’ve literally been doing nothing but dreaming, thinking, researching and planning for an around the world trip.  And as of yesterday, it’s official!

I am leaving on January 22, 2013 from New York, New York for Santiago, Chile !  

Even though I had already paid for Brazil (more like overpaid) and the flight to Tahiti/Auckland, I felt like the trip wouldn’t be official until I had a departure date from New York City.  Now I have a specific time frame in which I need to finish filing my taxes, organize my shit, get rid of my car, tell my landlord I’m leaving and not paying my rent and quit all 6 of my jobs!  I’m actually starting to feel bad that I haven’t told two of my jobs that I’m leaving yet, so I guess that’s the next step.  Although in a drunken moment I did tell my boss last month,

“Remember when I said I’m going to travel the world?  I’m going to do it.”

He didn’t seem upset, and actually told me I should do what makes me happy so I’m thinking giving them 3 months notice should be sufficient, and hopefully they won’t fire me ahead of time.

It really is kind of strange though, ever since I’ve decided to leave time has been crawling and flying…AT THE SAME DAMN TIME.  Four months seems like an eternity but I know once I hit October time is going to go by quickly with my birthday, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s – gone.  Better start getting my stuff together…

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