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Getting Ready to Rickshaw Run

When I first started traveling I remember reading about a phenomenon known as “The Mongol Rally”  – which basically consists of driving a piece of shit car from England to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.  While it sounded like a fun way to explore Eurasia, this was well before I had ever traveled for more than two weeks […]

Postpartum Depression (How It Feels to Be Home After Traveling)

As the ever so quotable Momma Chu reminded me a few weeks ago, I had been away for nearly nine months, and in nine months I could’ve given birth to a child.  She hoped in these last nine months I had birthed some new ideas about the world.  Momma Chu is quite poetic when she’s […]

Shit I Need to Do: Vietnam

1. eat pho 2. eat spring rolls 3. eat bahn mi 4. eat street food 5. identify myself as Canadian 6. cross the street 7. don’t get hit/burned by a motorbike 8. make at least one dong joke a day 9. visit Halong Bay 10. eat French/Vietnamese fusion food 11. complete this list, and don’t […]

Shit I Need to Do: Laos

1. go tubing in Vang Vieng 2.  eat laap (minced meat with herbs, spices, lime juice and chili) 3.  hook up with someone Laotian – just because it’s illegal…no seriously, its illegal and you can be jailed and/or fined.  lovely. 4.  try Laotian coffee 5. visit Wat Si Saket 6. go on a trek if […]

Shit I Need to Do: Australia

1. Sydney Opera House…duh 2.  see a kangaroo and a koala 3.  walk across Harbor Bridge 4. go to Bondi Beach and hope to see hot surfers 5. visit the Sydney fish market 6.  drink a Fosters.  just kidding.

Shit I Need to Do: Tahiti

1.  fucking relax 2. tan topless 3.  jetski 4. traditional island feast 5. take a picture of the over water huts (because I’m too poor to actually stay there) 6.  catch up on my blogging

Shit I Need to Do: Argentina

1.  drink large amounts of red wine, especially Malbec 2.  visit la Recoleta Cemetery and Eva Peron’s grave 3.  eat asado barbeque with chimichurri 4.  visit Iguazu Falls 5.  eat dinner at a closed door restaurant  6. drink a Fernet and coke (especially since their coke still uses the original sugar not corn syrup recipe) […]

Shit I Need to Do: Chile

1.  drink Pisco (get Aracely and Mark mango sours) 2. vista La Vega market 3. eat at Boulevard Lavaud 4.  hike up San Cristobal and check out the Japanese gardens 5.  try paila marina 6. eat Chilean Sea Bass.  duh.

What I’m Bringing on My Trip

Something I realized since I’ve started the packing attempts for this trip. I am not a back packer. Since I declared my decision to flee the country, one of the most popular questions I’ve been asked is “What are you going to pack?” – which is a pretty legit question; one that I’ve spent a […]

Last Suppers

As I was driving today from Job 1 to Job 2, stuck in my usual traffic,  I realized something.  A month from now I will probably still be stuck in traffic, except instead of it being from Astoria to Great Neck, I will be stuck in traffic getting from the Argentinan to the Brazilian side […]