My Top 10 Travel Songs

I’m not a music person, but sometimes I hear a song/watch the video on youtube and I’m just ready to get on the next plane out of here.  Here are my 10 favorite  wanderlust inducing songs.


Shut up.  We watched a lot of Disney today in the office. Plus the movie totally works as a travel allegory – if I want to walk in a new land I’m going to have to be willing to give up my voice (AKA I might not speak the language).  And if I find a foreign handsome prince and kiss him – they say the fastest way to learn a language is to date someone who speaks it.  BOOM.  The Little Mermaid is the shit.


Reminds me of my 2008 Eurotrip that included a stop in Ibiza.  And my Clio girls dancing around with some crazy Spaniards and Italians to this song – after we made friends with them by “accidentally” dropping our bikini top off our balcony onto theirs.


Istanbul not Constantinople dah dah dah dah


Can’t go wrong with Tom Petty.


Classic.  Makes me want to wear a classic white ruched bikini with red lipstick, big sunglasses and a fancy up-do with a scarf in my hair.


Love this song, although usually when I hear it I think of the Muppets version


Ok fine.  I’ve been watching a lot of Disney today…


I want to get away.  I want to fly away.  Oh Lenny, you have it so right.


…and of course some SHM.  Thank you Pandora for constantly playing this


Always makes me want to get up and take off.  Doesn’t hurt that the dude who sent it to me was a hot french guy (weakness) that was telling me to come visit him in Bali

Oh and one more for good measure

Any additional suggestions?


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