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Jerkin’ and Lurkin’ in Colva

It was time to move from the northern beaches of Goa to those of the south which we were told were nicer. But first we sat in the lobby of Asterix Hostel listening to horror stories from the night before. The English “Indian Jew” was cut up all over his face and body from a […]

Hitting a Dead End in Goa

After a creepy day at the beach, and a delicious lunch, the plan was to check out the fort for sunset and then a club that did a Sunday trance party. While I’m not much of one for sunsets, and I generally do everything in my power to avoid going to sunsets with Mark and […]

Getting Into Goa

Dear parents of the world, When flying, if your offspring are incapable of shutting the fuck up, sitting the fuck down, and not kicking the fucking chair by the time they’re fourteen – you’re a shitty parent.  Next time put your kids in a pet carrier, and if they still don’t shut up I’m shooting […]

The Best Drinks in Delhi & the Delhi Social Scene

Delhi had exceeded all of my expectations, and thanks in large part to Bose I had more fun in Delhi than I had had in a long time.  Needless to say, when it came to our last day, I was sad to be leaving. To cope with the depression, I spent the morning in the […]

The Taj Mahal

I woke up bright and early at 7am to go to the Taj Mahal and considered staying in bed because I wasn’t in the mood for touristy things.  Really what could the Taj Mahal be other than a giant tourist trap.   I had seen pictures and it was cool, but it couldn’t be that […]

Celebrating Holi in Delhi

Time to celebrate Holi! And while I’m not sure exactly what Holi celebrates, the minimal information required is that it’s the spring time festival of colors and people will be throwing colorful powder at you.  What that has to do with burning an evil god to the ground and saving a devotee of Vishnu is […]

Welcome to Delhi

Guess what came after Bangalore? It’s peanut butter Delhi time! Peanut butter Delhi time! Where he at? Where he at?  There he go! There he go! By the time I arrived in Delhi, the hangover from hell had somewhat subsided but was still lurking in the background.    I declared that all I wanted to […]

Airport Nightmares: Bangalore Belly

After taking the train from Mysore back to Bangalore before heading up to Delhi, Aracely and I found it prudent to kill most of a bottle of Tullamore Dew between the two of us in the hotel room while Mark slept. The next morning waking up bright and early for our flight we felt fucking […]

“Unsolicited Tours” in Mysore

It was time to head to Mysore aboard an Indian train.  Here goes nothing. Our random selection of an AC class ticket ended up a fine choice.  While there were bare, dirty feet everywhere (ughhh) we were provided with a sealed bottle of water and an in-train meal.  The nice gentleman sitting next to me […]

Culture Shock and the Bright Side of Bangalore

My first morning in Bangalore I woke up feeling miserable.  We had been massively ripped off on our taxi, our hotel was sketchy at best – I was not in the mood to speak to anyone.  The other two woke up and went to breakfast and I stayed in bed where at least the air […]