What I’m Bringing on My Trip

Something I realized since I’ve started the packing attempts for this trip.

I am not a back packer.

Since I declared my decision to flee the country, one of the most popular questions I’ve been asked is “What are you going to pack?” – which is a pretty legit question; one that I’ve spent a good amount of time researching on travel blogs. One space saving creation I will certainly NOT be bringing (NOTE: anyone with a Y chromosome you don’t need and probably don’t want to read the next 2 sentences) is “the Diva cup” which has appeared on a number of female travel blogs but scares the bejesus out of me. If I can find room for my 5 inch heels, I can certainly make room for regular tampons. My friends have also been immensely helpful in asking other vital questions. Like when I showed up at a club on New Years and Michelle stumbled over to me and asked “I have to ask you a very important question. Since you’re leaving on a world trip, how many pairs of underwear are you bringing?” (Answer: 17) And when Jess asked me at my going away party, “Are you bringing nailpolish?” (Answer: Yes, 3 bottles + nail polish remover pads complements of Aracely).

What it boils down to is, I refuse to wear the same t-shirt every day, turning my photos into a comic strip of a character wearing the same outfit across different backdrops. There is no way I can shower once a week and wash all my clothes in the bathtub making me smell like a damp towel – because no one wants to be the wet blanket on the trip. My packing list in no way remotely resembles anything that any seasoned traveler could possibly approve of. I didn’t even consider using an efficient backpack instead of a rolling suitcase. But me being me, I did research on the vitals, and then packed whatever the fuck I wanted anyway.


So if curiosity is getting the best of you and you’re interested in knowing what the worlds most impractical traveler is bringing in her carry on suitcase here is my inventory. And yes I already packed my bag and it all fits. So suck it haters.20130117-123100.jpg

4 blouses (aka dressy shirts)
2 long sleeve shirts (1 cardigan, 1 sweater)
6 t-Shirts
5 tank tops
a pair of jeans
2 pairs of leggings
6 pairs of shorts
2 skirts
2 rompers
4 dresses (some casual, some not so much)
3 bras
3 bathing suits
a sports bra
a bandeau top
a belt
17 pairs of underwear
3 pairs of socks
a pair of 5 inch heels
a pair of sandals
a pair of sneakers
a pair of flip flops
a scarf
a hat
2 purses (1 large, 1 small)
a fanny pack (I’m such a cool tourist)

a sheet (I don’t trust hostel sheets)
a pillow case (ditto)
a universal outlet converter
a deck of curse cards that translates profanities into 5 languages
2 locks
a foldable cup
a foldable water bottle & water filter
2 pairs of sunglasses
crazy fake eyelashes from the Moulin Rouge
2 travel journals
a sharpie

toiletries (solid shampoo and conditioner, 3 oz of non solid conditioner, DEET wipes, nail polish, nail polish remover pads, deodorant, lotion, sunscreen, malaria pills, toothbrush, toothpaste, cotton balls, mini-emergency kit, etc.)

I’m also not particularly attached to any of these things so if I need to throw some stuff out to fit lets say, a tiny  Brazilian bikini bottom into my suitcase I have no qualms doing so.  Who am I kidding, not fitting a Brazilian bikini bottom in my suitcase is like saying I can’t fit in 3 pieces of dental floss.

Happy travels everyone!  Only 5 days to go!

2 thoughts on “What I’m Bringing on My Trip

  1. I don’t think I’m a “hater” and i do want you to have a good time. A carry on is a great way to travel, especially if you are relying on public transportation. If a wheeled carry is what you want, then so be it!
    I am worried that you will grow very tired hauling around all that weight – day after day after day. Fashion Vs weight doesn’t have to be an either/or proposition. You might want to take the in-between choice by culling some outifts and not others. You probably could get by with just one weeks worth of undies, 1/2 the shorts, one less bathing suit, and a few less T shirts. If all your bottoms mix & match together you’ll get more outfits with less clothing.
    Have an ejoyable trip!

    1. Thanks for the advice! I’m glad it didn’t include the words “take less shoes” haha I’m definitely going to reevaluate some of the contents if for no other reason than the opportunity to fit in new stuff I might want to pick up in other cities, and I will definitely keep your specific suggestions in mind. I weighed the bag and it’s only 20lbs which I think I can manage! Thanks again!

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