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Here I Go Again On My Own

I promise to write at least once a week. I promise to write at least once a week. I promise to write at least once a week. Hopefully if I keep repeating that in my head I’ll annoy myself into remembering to update my blog consistently.  Although pestering me to do something doesn’t seem to work all that well […]

Shit I Need to Do: Milan

1. stock up on Kiko products 2. visit Brea 3. eat risotto Milanese 4. visit the Duomo 5. go to Galleria Vittorio Emanuele  and don’t buy anything

What the Hell I’ve Been Doing for the Past 2 Months

Time is indecipherable.  I don’t know the hour, day or date, and have no idea where I am other than somewhere in Greece  A few faint moonbeams slip in through a tiny window.  Below me the ground is swaying. Heavy chains clank loudly above my head.  I rush out of my room, and the chill […]

Learning about Danish Culture from Drunk People (aka Danish people)

Heading out in the early evening for some cocktails, Handsome and I were going to meet a future coworker of mine – the future being dependent on whether or not I passed my training I was heading to on Saturday.  Unfortunately being guided by a time efficient Dane, we arrived early for the first time […]

Arriving in Copenhagen: You’re Mostly Welcome

Last year (all backlogged posts will be henceforth posted as #tbt – or in a book, ha!) I ended up spending three weeks in Denmark with Handsome, the guy I had met and traveled with through Southeast Asia. This year, as the first stop on my Euro Trip I was heading back to good old […]

Buddhist monks and #firstworldproblems in Laos

And on the fourth day, Luang Prabang created an exhaustion of possible inexpensive activities.  Plus every once in a while a break from “having to do things” is needed,  so we took the day to relax in our cockroach (waterbug) infested room. Around midday I started to get bored and Cely said she was heading […]

A Shitty Day of Elephant Riding in Luang Prabang

By our third day in Luang Prabang we had started to get our shit together and organized full day of elephant trekking. Elephants had been available in several other cities, including Chiang Mai, but we heard they were better treated in this camp, so six of us signed up for a day of elephantitis (is that not how […]

Kuang Si Waterfall and Adjusting to Asia

There are certain times in your life when you have an epiphany.  For Alexandra Wallace  it’s every time she’s at the library.  For me, it was sitting on the toilet in my $8/night guesthouse.  As I sat, staring at the ants climbing across the floor and up the wall, I realized, “Holy shit this is not […]

Luang Prabang and the Spiciest Thing I’ve Ever Eaten

Hazy rays of sunlight peered at us through the thatched walls of the bungalow as the humidity crept through the air snatching us away from the comforts of our single electronic fan.  Stepping onto the balcony, the sun burned like hot coals in a sauna, while dampness from the river hung in the air like a steamy towel.  The clothes I had left out overnight to […]

Nong Khiaw: A Quiet Corner in Laos

Following a village homestay, our group of Strays was pretty excited at the prospect of a non-river shower and maybe a regular toilet.  But first, we had to take “the worst road in Laos” from Luang Namtha to Nong Khiaw where we would be spending the night. The worst road in Laos was promised to be […]