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Surviving a Whole Lot of Things You Probably Should’t Do While Traveling (On My Way To Ljubljana)

After two days on the tourist packed streets of Venice, I was more than ready to head east to Ljubljana and see a different side of Europe.  Even prior to removing my wallet from the equation, the cheapest transport I could find was through blablacar, a ride share website that’s sort of like couchsurfing with […]

Getting Into Goa

Dear parents of the world, When flying, if your offspring are incapable of shutting the fuck up, sitting the fuck down, and not kicking the fucking chair by the time they’re fourteen – you’re a shitty parent.  Next time put your kids in a pet carrier, and if they still don’t shut up I’m shooting […]

Wellington & the South Island: I Ate Grubs at the Wild Foods Festival

After several consecutive days of nature/outdoorsy shit, I was ready for a city. Fortunately, the next stop was Wellington to catch my first rugby game and hopefully do something that didn’t require me to wear sneakers. We had a only a few hours to explore the city, so we checked out Oriental Bay, so I […]

Buenos Aires: No Lights, Big City

After the thrilling experience that was Cordoba I was really excited to get the hell out and into a big city. While I’m hopefully not the stereotypical New Yorker that is stuck up my own ass and obsessed with the idea of never having to leave the city for anything, there are certain things I […]