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Sambadrome: Pretty Much the Most Amazing Thing Ever

The next day it was up bright and early for Sugar Loaf mountain, one of the most notable landmarks in Rio and perfect for great views of the city. The upside of being up that damn early in Rio during Carnival is that you get to be the very first people to go up the […]

Hungover in Rio and the Churrascaria

The day after consuming enough alcohol to probably kill a sumo wrestler (4 vodka tonics, 3 caipirinhas, 4 beers and god knows what else) I felt fantastic the next morning. The group of us headed over to Ivan’s stand where he made me a hangover cure, then looked at me and told me I should […]

Kicking Off Carnival with A Melhor Caipirinha do Mundo

There’s nothing quite like your first day on the beach in Rio.  For one, you will learn that Americans have the beach all wrong.  The instructions I was given by Brazilians for the beach was as follows: Wear your bikini and your wrap.  Don’t bring anything.  Don’t leave your sandals in the sand and expect […]

Touring a Favela and Other Obnoxious Tourist Activities

The next day, bright and early Aracely, Mark, Derek and I had a favela tour because nothing says stupid fucking tourists like driving into a poverty stricken neighborhood to take pictures to show how poor people are – and then running back to the air conditioned bus which would drive us back to our gigantic […]

We Made it to Rio!

Following the lovely 25 hour bus ride from Foz do Iguacu we were finally in Rio! Time to party! When we got to our apartment in Copacabana Lianne and Gian had already arrived and intelligently taken all the keys to the apartment.  Very quickly, our host showed up and we got to see our second […]

Iguazu falls

Coming off a nearly perfect and relaxing night in Puerto Iguazu, I was well rested (a solid 5 hours!) and ready to see the falls.  While I do enjoy nature, I didn’t have high expectations for the falls since usually things of that sort entertain me for about half an hour tops before I’m like […]

A Perfect Disaster

I’ve been sitting on the bus for 17 hours from Buenos Aires to Iguazu Falls.  While I will defend Green Toad’s customer service, they did fuck up and book us from Iguazu Falls to Buenos Aires instead of the other way around.  The next bus was 5 hours later and then ran 3 hours late. […]

Buenos Aires: Barrio Chino and La Recoleta

After drinking during dinner and then spending three hours drinking during a blackout with the hostel manager needless to say I was mildly hungover the next morning. And by mildly I mean all I wanted was a bowl of egg drop soup and a gingerale. Unfortunately I’d seen about as many Chinese restaurants in Buenos […]

Buenos Aires: No Lights, Big City

After the thrilling experience that was Cordoba I was really excited to get the hell out and into a big city. While I’m hopefully not the stereotypical New Yorker that is stuck up my own ass and obsessed with the idea of never having to leave the city for anything, there are certain things I […]

Cordoba: A Disappointing City in Argentina

The bus ride from Mendoza to Cordoba quickly taught me a new adaptive skill for traveling. The skill to consume mass quantities of wine in order to pass out cold on a 10 hour bus ride. Apparently there was a thunderstorm and Mark was climbing over me to take pictures and I had absolutely no […]