Coming off a nearly perfect and relaxing night in Puerto Iguazu, I was well rested (a solid 5 hours!) and ready to see the falls.  While I do enjoy nature, I didn’t have high expectations for the falls since usually things of that sort entertain me for about half an hour tops before I’m like “cool, nature,” and move along.

Bright and early our bus picked us up and and took us to the falls.  When we got there, it was hot and humid and barely 10 am which boded well for the sweat forecast for the day.  Fortunately we had decided to wear bathing suits so if I felt like stripping down at least that was a viable option, though on the other hand wearing inappropriate gear has never stopped me from stripping down in the past.

Our first stop was the triple border where you can stand in Argentina and look across the water to Brazil and Paraguay.  Thrilling.  Well, actually I did enjoy seeing all 3 flags in one place since Risa = flag nerd

Rio 003

After that we headed over to the actual falls and met up with the other 17 people we would be sweat-strolling through the park with.  First stop, “The Devil’s Throat.”

Reaching  the destination point involved what should’ve been about 5 minutes of walking, but actually took something more like half an hour since all of us stopped every 15 feet to take pictures of us getting closer to the falls….because you know, just walking straight to them would be too easy.  It’s the pictures of our anticipation that really gets the people going.

Finally, we reached the lookout point and it was amazing!   I hate using cliches like “breath taking” and “stunningly beautiful” but that’s exactly what it was – no hyperbole necessary.   All I could hear was the sound of rushing water as it pummeled over the cliffs into the river below and the immensity of the falls was astounding.


20130214-213217.jpgAfter the Devil’s Throat, we checked out the bottom of the falls, got a shitty lunch from the park AKA I didn’t eat anything because I’ve decided that by cutting food not worth eating I can save on my budget – and then headed on the long trek to take a boat ride under the falls.  Awesomely, because Green Toad had messed up our reservation from Buenos Aires to Iguazu falls we got the boat ride for half off –  which is also a great for budgeting.

When I heard we were going to take a boat “under the falls” I just assumed that meant that we were going to take a boat into the massive spray at the bottom and maybe get a little wet.  Not so much.





Best $20 I’ve spent so far.  After the falls, which was the perfect cool down after a day of sweating more than Paula Deen at a cholesterol test, we headed to the Brazil side of the falls and had a nice sushi dinner.  Whenever my sake is served in a box I know I’m in good shape.  Content with a good meal and a few drinks, we headed home for a solid night’s sleep because the next day was the worlds longest bus ride which would take us to Rio for Carnival!
Rio 026
Rio 034Rio 039 Rio 044Rio 047 Rio 048Rio 050 Rio 052 Rio 054 Rio 055 Rio 056 Rio 057

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